The Best Peacoat Materials

Traditionally, U.S. Navy peacoats were made of 100% wool, just like the British versions in the 1800s. The fabric was up to 34 oz./1050/grams per yard, but today it is rare to find versions heavier than 24 oz. Now, naval peacoats are made of a midnight blue 24 oz./750 grams melton of 80% wool and 20% artificial fibers.

Most pea coats, even those not officially used by the Navy, have a percentage of wool. We suggest you look for pea coats that are 75% Wool Melton Blend with quilted nylon lining or 75% Wool / 25% Synthetic Fibers that are nylon Lined.

Outside of the military sales, you can find peacoats made with canvas, cotton or nylon. These are not considered true Peacoats, and may cost less.