U.S. Navy Peacoat Features

Our U.S. Navy’s peacoat features:

  • The seaman’s last name and last four digits of the SSN, placed three inches from and parallel to the bottom edge of the coat.

  • All buttons should be buttoned, except the collar buttons.

  • The jumper collar should be worn inside the coat.

  • When arms hang naturally at the sides, the sleeves should reach to about three-quarters of the distance from the wrist to the knuckles.

  • The coat is a hip length, double-breasted, dark blue fabric coat, with a convertible collar, an inset pocket in each front panel, and a single row of four black plastic anchor buttons down the right front, and three on the left.

  • Men’s peacoats button to the right. Women are authorized to wear men’s peacoats as long as they are serviceable, but there are also pea coats designed specifically for females.

  • Women’s coats are basically of the same design as the men’s coats, with the exception of more decorative shoulder epaulets, and they button to the left instead of the right.